Why will our leaders not ignore us?

1) Some people were killed by the Police and Governor Makinde promptly compensated the families with one million Naira each. Even when the Governor has no control over Police and hence no responsibility over their actions. Yet the result is insults, why did he give the family “only one million” one of my dear friend asked. The Governors that will say well it does not concern me will not get any insult.

2) Governor Sanwolu came out to address protesters. They started shouting “speak up, mad man” in Yoruba. Even when he was supporting them. At some point the DJ interrupted Sanwolu with a song saying he is talking too much and should shut up. The protesters started chorusing the song.

Not deterred the Governor went ahead to go out on protest with them raising the End SARS flag, documented their complaints and took it to Abuja the same day. He is however still called “werey” (a mad person) who is trying to quite the “voice of the youths” Youths who if Big Brother was still on would be at home watching tv.

3) The Police man caught on tape dragging a protester has been arrested and there is promise to arrest and prosecute more, SARS is disbanded, an order has been made public that no member of SARS must be part of the new SWAT Team, all operatives of SARS have been ordered to Abuja for psychological and medical test and compulsory training before they can become Police men again.

The IGP has even invited youth leaders to the training starting in two weeks and has started putting up a platform between him and civil society to ensure the activists can monitor progress of all they promised. Yet the protest continues and even entered “sack IGP” now it is entering “Buhari must resign” why should you be taken seriously?

4) Every person who has tried to speak for you you have called them names. You argue that you want no leadership because decentralisation is powerful, lol apparently you don’t know what decentralisation is. Decentralisation is not the lack of leadership, it is the presence of leadership that is even closer to the people. But then you are not dealing with a generation that thinks or understands. With due respect to other sensible persons that have mention this.

5) At some point you asked for Buhari to make a broadcast. He did and you said you didn’t like his accent so he was not inspiring. Why were you asking for a broadcast before if his accent was all that mattered, you knew his accent before now.

What your stupid continuation of protest is showing is that nothing will satisfy you, your motivation is political and it is best to ignore you.

Sanwolu would not have been told to shut up by people who don’t even know what they are doing if he had sat in government house and ignore the noise. This is the lesson you are teaching our leaders. And they are learning, although I suspect they knew all along.

Ohwojeheri is CEO of Minhaj Publicity Benin

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