Ramadan: Islamic group to feed 2,000 people daily

The Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society has announced plans to feed 2,000 persons daily in the spirit of Ramadan in order to maximise the rewards of the holy month.

The Chief Imam of the society, Fuad Adeyemi, disclosed this at the 19th National Unity Ramadan Lecture on Sunday in Abuja.

The theme for this year’s event was, “Ramadan Lesson: Inspiration for Reform.”

The chief Imam said, “Let me tell you, over the years, the first day of Ramadan usually recorded a relatively low turnout and will peak by the fourth or fifth day of Ramadan.

“We were marvelled this year, we prepared 1,000 meals and we were surprised that the first-day turnout was over 2,000, meaning this is a challenge, but we have a firm belief in Allah, that with you, the challenge will be surmountable.”

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