Militants kill 16 Niger soldiers in ambush

At least 16 soldiers were killed in Niger over the weekend following a militant attack in the western Tahoua Region.

The attack was carried out where more than 200 civilians had been killed in an unclaimed attack in March.

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The soldiers were ambushed by armed individuals near Agando area in the region.

Six more soldiers were injured in the attack and one is still missing.

The wounded soldiers were taken to the Tahoua regional hospital and the dead were buried in the presence of regional authorities and defence and security officials, ActuNiger website reported.

The militants also took away three vehicles and completely destroyed another, the website added.

Tillia and Tassara areas in the Tahoua region have been under a state of emergency for several months due to multiple terrorist attacks by terrorist groups in the area near the border with Mali. (BBC)

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