Memo to EFCC Chairman

I am constrained to write you this open Memo as you assumed the leadership of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC).

You assumed the commission leadership when the country’s positions in the global outlook perception is not commendable.

Nevertheless, the administration came to power through a change mantra with the top three cardinal promises of Economic Development, fighting insecurity and corruption. Nigeria is still been perceived as among Africa’s corrupt countries.

Not only did the country slipped two places below from 146th position in 2019 to 149th in 2020, the country also scored 25 out of 100 points, falling by one point compared to 2019, according to 2020 Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index.

The 149th position means Nigeria is just above 31 countries out of 180 countries surveyed worldwide, while Nigeria is ranked 25 out of 49 countries in the sub-region.

Nigerians are expecting much from you to be a strong and real dodged fighter in fighting the common enemy that has frustrated our realization of the country’s economic development despite the enormous natural and human resources of Nigeria.

Other expectations of Nigerians on you, include reform of the commission in non-powerful elements outside the commission influence and most importantly, non-partisan manner will surely assist the commission to box corruption to a standstill.

To achieve a just and fair fight against corruption, there is a need for you to focus on building a strong commission that cannot be manipulated by personalities. Instil a culture of accountability,  and transparency in the way the commission runs its activities would enable the agency to perform optimally.

Let you be the agent of change as you knew all former chairman of the commission were all alleged to have abused their office with some doses of corrupt practices.

Avoid battle for supremacy between your office and that of the office of the Attorney-General of the Federation.

Fighting corruption is very weighty and greatly worrisome to all concerned Nigerians. Use your expertise to implement reforms and ensure a fair and balanced fight against corruption and corrupt people in Nigeria this is achievable as an official who passed through the ranks of the commission. Need to ensure synergy between the EFCC and its sister anti-graft body, such as  ICPC, CCB, CCT and other law enforcement agencies as this will increase better results.

Nigerians and the world are watching you in discharging these herculean tasks before you.

The need for doing any things possible within your reach to regaining the confidence of Nigerians in turning around the commission to achieve its objective should be your top priority.  In yesteryears, the mentioned of EFCC name scare corrupt and economic saboteurs but that fright notion of if EFCC catches you, one would bear the consequence also gone.

There is a need for the commission to collaborate with the Office of the Attorney General, Office of the Chief Justice of the Federation and the  National Assembly towards the establishment of a Special Anti-corruption Tribunal to facilitate speedy determination of hundreds of corruption cases before the nation’s normal courts. This Special Anti-corruption Tribunal will fast track the prosecutions of corrupt cases.

Need for the strengthening of the collective effort in citizens’ participation in the fight against corruption by engaging non-state actors, especially the media and civil society organizations, in providing information to the public in line with the Freedom of Information Act 2011.

Engage massive media campaigns both in three major languages in the country to enlighten the public on the damage of corruption on us. This will increase the chances of making good fight.

With your experience being among pioneer cadet staff of the commission which your records show that you have a passion for the war against graft, so you should ensure to have personnel with similar passion to work with. While those that are sheep in the wolf skin within the commission are to be sent away.

Like you said, there is a difference between fighting corruption and fighting corrupt people and you are going forward.

Let you and your staff be proactive in fighting both this will help you in fulfilling the paradigm shift in the agency’s approach to the anti-graft war.

Bear in mind the country is still languishing in extreme poverty as a result of corruption and the fight against corruption has become a mere statement.

On a final note, need you remember that you are aware that the mantle of leadership is a responsibility bestowed on you by God and as a Muslim, you will account for every deed and activity you engaged in under oath as a chairman of the commission.

Dukawa writes from Kano and can be reached at [email protected]

On the day of judgement, you will appear before Almighty to account for all your deed before him where your sense of justice and honesty as a leader will unchain you. May Allah hold your hand to do the right and also fellow the right path in discharging your responsibilities.

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