Coronavirus: Chinese embassy in Paris finds woman who ‘cheated’ checks

The Chinese embassy in Paris has tracked down a woman from Wuhan who said she took tablets to pass airport health checks.

The woman boasted on social media that she had been suffering from a fever, but managed to reduce her symptoms with medicine.

She later posted pictures showing herself dining at what she claimed was a Michelin-starred restaurant in Lyon.

The embassy has now confirmed that her symptoms are under control.

The woman left Wuhan – where the new coronavirus emerged late last year – before flights were suspended, but when thermal scanning was in place.

Since yesterday, public transport has been shut down, with residents told not to leave the city.

At least 25 people with the virus have died. It was first reported to the World Health Organization 31 December.

The virus has spread to countries as far as South Korea, Japan and the US.

Source: BBC

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