Church warns ‘adulterers’ amid Zambia divorce report

Churches in Zambia have called on citizens to act to lower the country’s divorce rate.

Infidelity, drunkenness, gender-based violence, difficulty conceiving, weight gain, and lack of access to marriage counselling were among key factors cited by the more than 20,000 couples who divorced last year.

More women than men initiated divorce, and the average age of couple was between 25 and 45.

Other reasons for divorce quoted in a report published by the state-owned Zambia Daily newspaper included the failure of some men to support their families and “the abuse of social media”.

“Those statistics are disappointing and defeat the biblical principles on marriage which says ‘only death should do us part,'” said Reverend David Masupa, president of the Independent Churches of Zambia.

Noting the prevalence of couples reporting adultery in their grounds for divorce, Rev Masupa said people needed to be reminded that “adulterers will not inherit the Kingdom of God”.

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