3rd Force Coalition to expose detractors concocting falsehood about Peter Obi

  • To set up a Crack Media Team to Track and Tackle sponsored Blackmail and Propaganda against Peter Obi and Labour Party 

The Leadership of the National Consultative Front, NCFront, the umbrella platform of the 3rd Force Movement of Nigeria, which adopted the Labour Party as the 3rd Force Mega Party for the 2023 elections in Nigeria has warned detractors and adversaries of the 3rd Force Recuse Agenda for Nigeria to desist from planting false stories and propaganda in the media against the Presidential Candidate and Leaders of the Labour Party 

Fielding questions from some top Lawyers, who attended the 32nd Annual General Conference of the Nigeria Bar Association at the Eko Atlantic in Lagos at the weekend, the Director General of NCFront – 3rd Force Coalition, Veteran Olawale Okunniyi, hinted that a crack team of media experts would be constituted by the NCFront to track and tackle false stories and propaganda presently being planted to smear Labour Party Presidential Flagbearer, Mr Peter Obi and Leaders and leading lights of the Big Tent of Obi-dient 3rd Force Movement like Prof Pat Utomi and others by some sponsored media blackmailers and crooks

Okunniyi, the Convener of the 3rd Force Movement and a key advocate of Civil society in the Nigerian Politics also debunked the allegations that there’s a rift between Obi and Utomi over an imaginary campaign funds, saying it is the imagination and wishful thinking of enemies of the 3rd Force 2023 Revolution of the Labour Party as there was nothing like that in reality.

Okunniyi popularly referred to as the ‘Veteran Che’ of the Nigerian Politics by his associates, also used the auspices to dispel the rumour that there’s a covert deal that would make Peter Obi to work for  Atiku Abubakar, the Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party to win the 2023 elections. He contended that Peter Obi has since gone beyond Nigerian conventional politics and has become the symbol of the Nigerian People’s Revolution and therefore such imaginary deal is unfathomable as the Nigerian peoples and masses are bound to resist it.

“Peter Obi is no longer Peter Obi of himself anymore but Peter Obi of the Nigerian Peoples and Masses, who has decided to sacrifice himself, on trust, for the People’s Revolution to rescue Nigeria from an imminent anarchy and collapse come 2023. So, let’s perish such ungodly idea of any mercenary politics as far as Peter Obi is concerned” Okunniyi stated 

“However, we are not unaware of the plots and schemes of our adversaries to discredit and truncate our intervention and frustrate us from saving the country from their disastrous grip and misrule. They have suddenly woken up to the reality that a 3rd Force is possible in Nigeria and are now in panicky mode, doing everything to thwart the 2023 Ballot revolution of the mass of the Nigerian people”

While concluding the interactive session, Okunniyi further clarified that there is no conflict and clash between the activities of the Labour Party, NCFront and the Big Tent led by Prof Pat Utomi as being peddled by the adversaries of Peter Obi and Labour Party as their activities are one and complimentary and there is no clash in their operations as wished by the detractors of the 2023 Ballot Revolution of the 3rd Force Obi-dient Movement.


Ms Bilikis Bello
Communications Consultant,
Fusion Council of the 3rd Force Coalition of the Labour Party

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