Zoning gone with the wind, by Dr Ahmad Gumi

Politics is dynamic as human societies are. Change is constant and people are developing. In today’s Nigeria, a military takeover is almost impossible, people cannot be ruled by the barrel of a gun. It’s the change in the dynamics of time and space.

Technology is making the world a small village and people are interconnected in an immeasurable way. Tribal and regional differences are becoming something of the past. Intermarriages, both racial and tribal are exponentially increasing with increased connectivity.

In this changing world, politicians have to change or time will cast them into the dustbin of merciless history. Politicians can no more cling to primordial differences between men to attain power or cling to it. Politicians cannot afford to be mediocre. They have to cultivate a culture of convincing and cajoling public views.

2023 elections have already changed the Nigerian political landscape. With APC, PDP, NNPP, and Labor Parties fielding leading qualified politicians of different regions, politics has evolved giving every persuasion a level playing field to ascertain its rightful influence. No more wailing, suppression, and empty cries. Nigerians have a variety of choices to choose the leaders they want. Every Nigerian has equal opportunity and rights. It’s one vote per person and no person, group or region can dictate to Nigerians who they should vote for.

These fake regional groups claiming to speak for their enclaves should start digging their graves. Nigerians are wiser now.

May Allah protect us all. Amin

  • Gumi is a Kaduna-based Islamic scholar

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