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‘United in same tragedy’: A photo is indeed worth a thousand words

This picture will break you after melting you; this is the Governor of Nasarawa State Engr Abdullahi A Sule consoling a boy who had just lost his father. The boy wrecked by grief sat helplessly by the remains of his father who has become a heap of sand- the boy, will forever not see his darling father again.

It was the helplessness of the boy in his grief-stricken state that caught the attention of the governor who had come to bury his own son and walked to the boy.

United in same tragedy, the boy and the governor found solace in each other. This picture is embedded in deep message, just when you think your woes are worst, you are reminded of others’ more gripping woes.

Stricken by the death of his first son, the governor saw a boy enveloped by the loss of his father- while the governor may be comforted with the existence of his other children, this boy will never have another father to call his father again- death the ripper of life has taken his father away from him forever.

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