Two people ‘wanted’ over Maryam Booth’s nude video

...clip is three years old

Kannywood leaders are helping the police to arrest two people accused of sharing the video showing Maryam Booth naked, according to a report by FIM, a Hausa language magazine reporting activities within the Hausa film industry.

The magazine also reported that sources confirmed to it that the two seconds long clip, which has been widely shared on social media platforms, is three years old. 

The video apparently took the Kannywood star unawares as she tried to seize the phone from the person recording her when she realised what was happening.  

Chairman of Kannywood actors in Kano, Alhassan Kwalle, told the magazine that the association has waded into the matter and was trying to help in the arrest of a man and a woman believed to be behind the leaked clip.

He added that the two suspects had long been blackmailing and extorting the actress for three years threatening to release the video anytime she refused to to give them money.  

He said “This is actually something personal to her. It ia not about acting. But when we investigated we found that it happened about three years ago. And those behind the clip have collected huge amount from her through blackmail.

“On Wednesday, one of them called her and demanded for money claiming that he wanted to take his ailing mother to the hospital. She told him she had no money at the time. That was why the video was released. And we have evidence of bank transfers between them. So they are being hunted by security agents.” 

A friend of Maryam told the magazine that the actress was devastated by the leaked video and had been crying over it. Many actors said it is not unusual for girls to come out of the bathroom naked in front of their friends. 

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