Spousal rage: 36 women, 17 men killed in two years

From November 19, 2017, no fewer than 36 housewives were killed by their husbands while 17 husbands were sent to their graves by their wives across Nigeria, according to findings by Daily Trust.

Cases of spousal rage is on the rise across the globe, with some surviving to tell their stories. Only last week a woman admitted to using eye drops to kill her husband, while a husband confessed to killing his wife over her activism.

”Findings by Daily Trust revealed that from November 19, 2017, when Maryam [Sanda] killed her husband [Bilyaminu Bello], a total of 53 others have been reported to have killed their spouses across the country. Thirty six housewives have reportedly been killed by their husbands while 17 husbands have been killed by their wives,” the Daily Trust reported.

The figure did not include the case of a 19-year-old housewife, Rabi Shamsuddeen, who reportedly stabbed to death her 25-year-old husband Shamsuddeen Salisu at a village in Malumfashi local government area of Katsina State.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the alleged killing which happened on the same day that Maryam Sanda was convicted.

Reacting to the court ruling, a female journalist Lami Sadiq posted the following on her Facebook page: “Walk away, walk away and walk away!!! Yes you, I’m talking to you in a toxic or abusive relationship, please walk away. We live in a society where parents, churches and mosque encourage us to stay in abusive relationships.

“Society vilifies you for wanting a divorce. But I say it doesn’t matter. If you want one, get one! Summon the courage, get help from wherever you can and MOVE. Because if you don’t, he/she will kill you or you’ll commit murder or suicide. Either way, you’re in deep shit… So move it, don’t over think it, just move!” she said.

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