Shariah council urges politicians to accept election outcome or go to court

The Supreme Council for Islamic Shariah in Nigeria (SCISN) has appealed to political gladiators to accept the outcome of the presidential and National Assembly elections or seek redress through the legal process,

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Labour Party (LP) have rejected the results of the election during collation, demanding for a fresh exercise.

The Secretary General of the SCISN, Nafi’u Baba Ahmed, said this on Tuesday at a press conference in Kaduna.

The council expressed satisfaction with the general conduct of the elections, in spite of unavoidable security and logistical challenges.

It ccommended Nigerians for the unprecedented turn out, their patience and orderly conduct, generally, during the elections.

The council also commended INEC and the security agencies for their professionalism and evidently, fair discharge of their statutory responsibilities by enabling citizens to exercise their right to vote in relative peace and serenity.

Other resolution of the council include:

“Remind Nigerians and especially foreign observers that no democratic election is perfect, even in the so called advanced democracies, the credibility of any election is predicated on the scale of fairness and the freedom of choice, which have incontrovertibly been substantially complied with.

“Here, the recent debacle in the last disputed American election about two years ago between Trump and Biden readily comes to mind. indetie pareats, Trans aud chistie dasy,

“Remind Nigerians, especially the political class aspiring to lead, that in every election; there are bound to be winners and losers, but in the end, it is the future and progress of the country that is paramount and this can only be achieved through a stable and peaceful transition.

“We further urge all Nigerians to remain calm and hopeful of a greater and prosperous future.

“Call on the security agencies to be alert and alive to their responsibilities of maintaining public order, peace and security, in the face of unguarded, provocative and unpatriotic remarks and outbursts by some people who believe the outcome must reflect their personal wishes or preferences.

“In this regard, we are in total agreement with the reaction of General Akinrinade to the preposterous and unhelpful comments by former president Obasanjo. Nigerians will not accept any delusional contraption being moted.

“Appeal to the gladiators to accept the outcome or seek for redress through the legal process, and avoid inflammatory remarks capable of inciting their supporters into any form of misconduct.

“Further appeals to all Nigerians to remain calm and respect the will of the majority as expressed through the ballot box and embrace their brethren and the emerging leaders for a brighter, secure and prosperous Nigeria, for today and the future generations.

“We should all remember that there can never be progress and prosperity without peace, stability and security.

“1 will conclude with a final appeal to the government and the security agencies not to spare any group or individual, no matter his status or privilege in society, who seeks to stoke hatred, incitement to violence or otherwise engages in acts capable of creating disharmony, disruption of peace or compounding the delicate security situation of our dear Country.”

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