Samsung spams random users with bogus ‘Find My Mobile’ notification

Samsung users are freaking out over an odd “Find My Mobile” notification, seemingly sent out to them out of nowhere. 

Mobile tech YouTuber Michael Fisher described it in a tweet, saying he and his girlfriend got the same alert, its text consisting of a single number “1”.

The notification seems to have been a one time thing, sent to numerous (and various) Samsung phones, but it is disconcerting to receive something like this, especially since “Find My Mobile” is typically used to locate misplaced or stolen devices. 

Some info about the notification comes from a Samsung Care Ambassador (via SamMobile), which told engineer Rafael Rivera that this “some test on Samsung’s end to assure services are working.”


This may be so, but it’s still odd from Samsung to blast random phones with a notification like this and provide no context or explanation. 

We’ve contacted Samsung about this and will update the article when we find out more. 

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