Reps investigate killing of Nigerian lady by Chinese man in Kano

The House of Representatives, on Wednesday, condemned the murder of Buhari and resolved to investigate the killing.

This was based on a motion of urgent public importance moved by a member of the House, Kabiru Rurum, at the plenary on Wednesday. The motion was seconded by Rep. Yusuf Sununu. 

Rep. Rurum in leading the debate stated that the attack and the subsequent murder of the lady were well-thought-out and deliberate. He expressed worry at the slow pace it is taking the police to bring the identified culprit to justice, which he further stated has kept members of the Committee in a state of agitation.

He called on the relevant authorities to ensure justice is meted out. Rep. Rurum decried how some expatriates cause harm to Nigerians without consideration for the value and dignity of human life. He further pointed the public attention to the fact that; had a Nigerian been the one that murdered a Chinese citizen, it would have been taken more seriously.

Rep. Nkem Abonta in contributing to the debate stated that it is sad the way expatriates treat Nigerians with little or no consequences. He called for an investigation into the legal standing of the Chinese indigene in Nigeria. Rep. Abonta in proposing an amendment to the prayers of the motion called for a high-level investigation by the House Committee on Interior so that the matter is not swept under the carpet. He stressed that there is a need to investigate the circumstances surrounding the lady’s death as well as the legal status of the Chinese resident in Kano who is alleged to have perpetrated the dastardly act.

Rep. Satomi Ahmed proposed an amendment to suspend the working status of the perpetrator if the substantive investigation proves him guilty of the crime.

Rep. Taiwo Oluga further proposed an amendment to incorporate the Committee of Women in Parliament and that on Women Affairs into the investigation.

The Speaker of the House, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila stated however that Rep. Taiwo Oluga as the Chairperson House Committee on Women in Parliament can be incorporated by the Committee on Interior as a single member to address the concern of women in the case and not to incorporate the whole Committee and overcrowd the investigation.

Rep. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa stressed the importance of the need to investigate the gruesome murder of the lady who was on National service (NYSC) in Kano.

Rep. Nkeiruka Onyejeocha expressed sadness at the gruesome murder of the victim and called for a thorough investigation into the matter in defense of the sanctity of the human life lost.

Rep. Munir Baba Dan-Agundi in speaking against the motion wondered why there is the need for a special investigation by the House when the police are already investigating the issue. He stated that singling out this case could seem to negate countless other ladies who have been murdered at the hands of other men (local or foreign). 

The motion was voted on and adopted as amended.

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