Power should shift to South after Buhari, El-Rufai insists

...says not interested in presidency in 2023

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has said that he is not interested in the the presidency in 2023, insisting that ideally power should shift back to the South after President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

Speaking with BBC Hausa, El-Rufai said
“Some people said I have been eying the presidency since when I was FCT minister. This is nonsense. I am not interested. God gives power to whom He wills not minding anyone’s interest. But I have never expressed interest in the presidency and no body can prove otherwise.”

He said “In Nigeria, we have this power shift arrangement, we it is agreed that when the North spend eight years, the South should also do the same.”

The governor added that although the the arrangement is not in the country’s constitution, every politician is aware of it.

“That was why I said publicly that aftet President Buhari’s eight years, no northerner should run for president (in 2023). Southerners should be allowed to also rule for eight years.

“If you look at my style, I don’t appoint people because of where they come from. I look at competence, someone who will be able to deliver successfully,” the governor said.

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