Police launch probe as boy’s body found in garbage bin

A police investigation has been launched after the body of a two-year-old boy was found in an apartment complex’s dumpster in the United States.

Athian Riveria was found three hours after he was reported missing from a nearby location on Friday (local time) in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the Casoer Star-Tribune reported.

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Officers were called to a location on Desmet Drive amid reports of a missing child – one hour after the two-year-old was last seen.

Police and firefighters conducted an extensive search and used a reverse 911 call to notify residents within a half-mile to be on the lookout for him.

Officers said on Monday (local time) they suspected foul play but haven’t said how the boy died.

Athian Riveria was found in a dumpster three hours after he was reported missing from a nearby location on Friday (local time) in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Source: AP/Cheyenne Police Department

Notes of condolence and dozens of stuffed animals have been attached to a chain-link fence partially surrounding a dumpster at the apartment.

The Facebook account of Cheyenne resident Kassy Orona reads “RIP my perfect innocent son, Athian Emmanuel Rivera” and includes several posts of mourning.

“I don’t know how I’ll ever get over this … you’ll always be with me baby boy,” read one post by Orona’s account on Friday.

The post indicated Orona has two other children but didn’t explain or hint at how the toddler died or got in the dumpster.

Orona didn’t return a Facebook message seeking comment and didn’t have a listed phone number.

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