Police detain popular singer Hamisu Breaker

Popular singer, who hit stardom with his Jarumar Mata song, Hamisu Breaker is being detained by the police in Kano.

Fim, a magazine reporting happenings within the Hausa/Kannywood industry, said trouble started when on Wednesday Breaker, driving a Toyota vehicle along with his friend Abdulzahir, brushed someone’s vehicle.

During the ensuing argument, Breaker’s friend started assaulting the man identified as Sani Kamal Muhammad.

The following day, the man who was assaulted told Fim, how the incident happened.

“I was driving along Zoo road when I heard my car being brushed by a vehicle. When I came out to see what was happening I saw Hamisu Breaker and his friend.

“His friend who also came of their vehicle wasted no time and started hitting me, my nose especially. Blood started dropping on my cloth while he continued ranting.

“When people started gathering at the scene Breaker quietly disappeared having noticed what his friend did. They said he might have disappeared for fear of being mobbed by his fans.”

The Police MTD later waded into the mata after Sani filed a complaint. His friend was taken away by the police and detained, while Breaker was asked to report himself to the police. Breaker, who the car belonged to his friend, blamed the whole thing on impatience.

Breaker told Fim magazine that after they brushed Sani’s vehicle he personally tried to pacify him but the motorist chose to abuse them and that was when his friend got angry.

‘The police have given the two parties time to settle amicably, but Sani said he would prefer the matter to be taken to court

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