Pay if you want another song for Buhari, Rarara tells president’s supporters

Popular Hausa singer Dauda Kahutu Rarara, famous for his numerous songs in support of President Muhammadu Buhari, said he won’t sing for the president again unless he is paid.

Rarara, who recently sang for former House of Representatives Speaker Yakubu Dogara, told the BBC Hausa that he would sing for Buhari only if the masses that voted for the president would pay him ₦1000 each.

(File) President Buhari receives a CD of his songs from Rarara and Baban Chinedu, while Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje looks on at a political event in Kano.

“The real pro-Buhari masses are still there, they are the ones who must give me a thousand naira for me to sing for the president again,” the singer said.

Rarara said the decision not to sing for Buhari again followed social media chats accusing the president of not performing, adding that because of that he resolved not to sing for the people to happy until they pay.

Rarara, however, said he is still support the president, adding that he is working on a song.

Some of the popular pro-Buhari songs by Rarara include: ‘Masu Gudu Su Gudu’, ‘Ka Fi Su Gaskiya Baba’ ‘Baba Dodar’, and ‘Sai Ka Yi Takwas Uban su Zarah’.

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