Open letter to King Charles III

His Majesty,

I wish to express my deepest condolence to His Majesty on the passing of the Queen, Her Majesty, Elizabeth 11, and to also congratulate His Majesty for your ascend as the new Soverign.

The Queen, Your Majesty’s mummy dearest, has certainly left big shoes to be filled, especially having reigned for 70 years and was loved by all.

I am confident that the King will be able to not only fill her shoes, but will one day be celebrated for leaving a mark of his own that the people of the United Kindom will appreciate and even earn Your Majesty a top spot in the annals of history of the British royals.

It is said that first impressions are lasting. That first speech by His Majesty was one for the records and what stood out, to me, was how HM emotionally extolled the virtues of the late Queen for her unwavering devotion in serving the people.

If it were a presidential speech, I would have rated it 10. I must admit, it surpassed my expectation. I am sure, it must have scored well beyond the 10 point mark, guaging by the reaction of the citizens of United Kingdom and the Territorries.

Though the royal family is in mourning, it was delightful to see Your Majesty’s sons, the new Prince of Wales and his dear brother, the Duke of Sussex and their spouses cominig together, reunited in grief.

HM had mentioned all of them by name in your speech and extended your love to Harry and Meghan, even when they are no longer working royals. This, to me, is a welcome development and the most appropriate thing to do as a parent.

As Your Majesty, settles properly in the coming days and reflects on the tasks ahead, you would realise that the job would be enermously denanding for the King and the Prince of Wales to handle. That is why I think the opportunity has come for the family to heal, bury the past, and bring back the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex as a working royals.

Your Majesty has proven to the world that Kings do not hold grudges or overly punish their subjects, including their children when they err. You Majesty’s kind gesture to the Duke of Sussex in approving that he wears military uniform as equal to the Prince of Wales to stand vigil in paying their last respect to their grandmother was a gigantic statement to all those who thrive in fuelling the crisis that led to Harry’s decision to retreat and seek peace in far away America.

Your Majesty’s reign is totally a new chapter. That is why the olive branch HM extended to Harry, your son, and his loving wife, Meghan, the Duches of Sussex, should be turned to full pardon and reabsorb them to continue with the good work they left behind two years ago.

Having experienced the unwarranted wrath of the British tabloids and social critics during the period of misunderstanding between His Majesty and the late Lady Diana, the mother of these two fine princes, nobody would understand better, what the Duke and the Duches of Sussex have been going through.

Your Majesty, there is no doubt that the new Prince and Princess of Wales have been up and doing, and have proven to be equal to the tasks before them, but the Royalty will make more impact if it had additional hands – the Duke and the Duches of Sussex. May God heal the wounded minds of all those who have been hurt by the saga.

I have the honour to remain, Your Majesty, the biggest admirer of the United Kingdom’s Royalty.

  • Iyawa is former Nigerian Ambassador to Mexico
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