Maryam Booth, Kannywood’s star, unveils new boyfriend

Famous Kannywood actress Maryam Booth has published pictures showing her and a young man who she refered to as her new boyfriend.

FIM, a magazine with contacts in the Kannywood industry, said the photos were published on the 28 of June, this year.

She gave the young man’s name as Muhammed Asad Anthony Odozi who was celebrating his birthday.

Maryam and her new boyfriend
Maryam’s new boyfriend Muhammad Asad Anthony Odozi

Maryam published photos on her social media handles in which she was seen elebrating with her new boyfriend.

“My love, having you in my life is like having all the riches of this world. I will treasure you until the day my life on this planet is up. Have yourself a heavenly birthday. Dim oma muhammed asad anthony odozi @valor347.”

After the photos were published, some friends of the actress referred to Odozi as “our groom”, while Yakubu Muhammad, a Kannywood star, who was once married to Maryam’s sister, referred to his as “my in-law.”

When one follower asked whether Odozi is a Muslim, and Maryam’s friend Badariyya Kalarawi tried to intervene, the actress said, “Aunty B., don’t mind him, please. If a person is not Hausa, to them he is not a Muslim. “

Dateline Nigeria reports that Maryam suffered bad press recently after a short, nude video of her was released on social media. She accused her former boyfriend Ibrahim Deezel of leaking the clip, but he denied it. Both of them filed a case in court.

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