Kano censorship board warns against uploading films on YouTube without approval

The Kano Films and Censorship Board has said that it will no longer allow uncensored films and series to be uploaded on YouTube.

The Executive Director of the board, Isma’il Na’abba Afakallah, disclosed this to BBC Hausa, lamenting the way films that run against the culture of the people of Kano are being released.

“We are talking about how the release of films has become prevalent on YouTube and how they are peomoting bad behaviour. And it is incumbent upon us to take action on all these things that relate to films, music and literary works,” he said.

Afakallah added that the decision will also cover films or series recorded outside Kano but eventually taken to the state.

In a related development, the neighbouring Jigawa State has also come up with similar policies, saying all producers of fim, music and their artistes to register with the relevant government agency in the state.

The director of the Jigawa State Censorship Board, Yusuf Magaji, said they took the decision after the director of Makaranta, a series generating controversy, confirmed that he recorded it in Jigawa.

The ‘Makaranta’ film contains many scenes that the people find uncomfortable.

Producers of television series have thrown their weight behind the decision taken by Kano and jigawa states.

Lawan Ahmad, an actor and producer of Izzar So, said they have been submitting their works for approval before uploading them to YouTube.

“Honestly, the way some people are uploading all sorts of things on YouTube need to be addressed,” he said.

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