Kannywood’s Dawayya faults ‘improper’ handling of rape victims, suspects

Famous Kannywood star Ruqayya Umar Santa, popularly known as Rukayya Dawayya, has faulted what she described as the improper way people are handling rape victims and suspects alike.

Dawayya made her position known in a video she posted on her Instagram page, a platform where she has more than a million followers.

She said those sharing on their social media handles videos where child rape victims’ identities or the private parts of suspects are exposed are not helping matters, adding that there are better ways of demanding justice for the former or prosecuting the latter.

Rukayya Dawayya spoke in Hausa

“How can you post the video of a child rape victim that is no more than three years old, revealing her name, parents, where they live and even her private part.

“How do you think she will feel when she is old enough to know the implications of what she was forced to go through?

“Or you will see videos showing the private parts of peoples parents being shared on social media in the name of exposing rape suspects.

“Many don’t even know why they engage in these dastardly acts because they were charmed into doing them,” Rakayya Dawayya, who has featured in many Hausa blockbuster movies, explained.

She said though rape cases also happen in the south, the people have since found a better way of handling the victims and prosecuting the culprits.

“Or have you ever seen such videos being shared by people from the south on their platforms? Or do you think child rape is not happening there?” she asked.

Dawayya noted that spreading mischief is no less a sin than perpetrating the act itself.

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