Insecurity: Tambuwal’s a unifier of the Norh-West, says el-Rufai

Less than 48 hours after former President Olusegun Obasanjo hailed Gov. Tambuwal for doing great job to ensure security of the North-West zone, similar applause emerged from Gov. Nasiru el-Rufai of Kaduna State.

Gov. el-Rufai who was in Sokoto to condole the people and government of the state over the death of the erstwhile eldest surviving daughter of the late Premier of the Northern region, Hajiya Aishatu Danbaba (nee Ahmadu Bello), gave kudos to his host for his unflinching commitment to the pursuit of peace and security in all the states of the zone.

Both governors affirmed that all the seven of them in the North-West zone have been working closely with President Muhammad Buhari to bring an end to banditry in the area.

According to el-Rufai, Gov. Tambuwal’s subsisting role in tackling the menace of banditry in the area is complete, fraternal and unbiased.

“I want to express my appreciation to Gov. Tambuwal for cooperating with us in a totally, brotherly and non-partisan manner to bring the whole of the North-West together. May Allah reward you with his blessings,” the governor noted and prayed.

Expressing concern over the spare of insecurity in the zone, the visiting governor
said part of the reasons he came to Sokoto was to commiserate with the people of the state and all the states of the North-West “on the sufferings that they have been going through because of these attacks occasioned by bandits.”

He said: “From Sokoto to Zamfara to Katsina to Kaduna, parts of Kebbi state and across Niger state…our people have been going through trials and tribulations arising from the activities of bandits.

“As Governors’ we’ve been meeting, putting our heads together to do the best we can. The last meeting we had was last Thursday with Me President. We expressed our concerns and came up with a critical road map to end this banditry in our region once and for all,” he said.

Also praising Gov. Tambuwal for his grace, humility and hospitality in inter-personal relationships, el-Rufai thanked him for exceptionally hosting his nanogenerian mother, who also hails from Sokoto; and, had come home to visit her sisters.

He described Gov. Tambuwal’s gesture as “something I would forever cherish.

“Whoever honors one’s mother honors that person,” he explains just as he reiterated his gratitude to his host.

Responding to his visitor, Gov. Tambuwal, who agreed with his submission on the dangers if banditry and general insecurity in the zone, said banditry, in particular, is becoming a great source of concern to all of us.”

Citing the gruesome murder of a Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and eight of his men in Kebbi and an attack in Dange local government of Sokoto state, where we lost their lives, Tambuwal emphasized that banditry “is becoming more worrisome,” advocating that “we must all put our hands on deck to ensure that we nip this thing in the bud.”

“As you rightly said, we have been working together and collaborating. There’s no issue of party. Our security and development has nothing to do with party. It is all about the people that we represent.

“I have always said there should not be politics in development and dealing with security issues. We must remain one to confront the bad elements among us. They come together to fight us, so we must come together to fight them,” he added.

Muhammad Bello

Special Adviser Media and Publicity to the Governor

April 26, 2021


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