Girl’s wedding called off in Sokoto over sex video

The Sokoto State Hisbah Commission has confirmed the arrest of three suspects for allegedly sharing a sex video involving one of them and a girl, leading to the cancellation of her wedding.

The wedding, earlier slated for October this year, was called off after the video was shared on social media.

Sokoto State Hisbah Commander Dr. Adamu Bello Asarawa said a complaint was lodged by the girl’s mother, where she said the suspects had carnal knowledge of her daughter and recorded it on video.

Dr. Adamu told the BBC Hausa that “The young man lured the girl to a hotel and recorded her nude video. The video was released after she received a marriage proposal.

“We interrogated the boy and he confirmed to video to us, how they went to a hotel and what they did there. We also arrested two of his friends who he sent the clip to and they confirmed to us that sent it to them.

“So whoever got the video must have been from the two friends,” according to the commander.

He said the boy did not give any reason for recording and sharing the video.

“The damage has already been done. It is purely an act of indiscipline. I think he did that to damage her reputation,” Dr Adamu added.

When asked if he will agree to marry her, the boy said no arguing that he never had the intention of marrying her.

The boy is 17 years old while the girl is 16 when the incident happened. The two are now 20 and 19 respectively.

The girl’s mother said the boy must have kept the video with the aim of releasing it anytime they parted ways.

The mother said it was her sister in Lagos that alerted her about the video “and when I confronted my daughter she confirmed it saying her schoolmate just informed her.

“I asked her who she suspects and she told me the boy’s name and I collected his number. From there I went to his parents house and asked the boy why he did that to my daughter.

“He said she didn’t do anything to him. In the video the girl was not looking like she was in her senses. In fact whoever sees the video must sympathise with me.

“From there the boy’s mother called his father to come and see what his son did. The boy played the video in the presence of his father.”

She said the boy’s father asked her to let the issue die, as it isn’t something that they should worry about since it was not pregnancy.

“I however decided to report the matter to Hisbah. My daughter’s wedding was billed to hold October 17 but the groom changed his mind after the video.

The mother added that her daughter is now depressed and hardly even eats. “Now we would have to look for where to take her where she won’t be stigmatized,” she adding that she is demanding for justice.

The Hisbah commander said they would write the NAPTIP for advice and for the censors board to do their work, from there the suspects would be taken to court.

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