Friends, associates remember Dadiyata two years after abduction

Friends and associates will today hold a special prayer session in honour of Abubakar Idris (Dadiyata), who was abducted exactly two years ago from his residence in Barnawa area of Kaduna metropolis.

The prayer session will hold by 4pm at the Lugard House in Kano, according to a notice shared by one the organisers Asad Mukhy on various social media platforms.

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Meanwhile, many have also used the second anniversary of Dadiyata’s abduction to draw attention to his plight, calling on government to do more for the father of two.

“Many things have been said his Dadiyata was last seen. But it is the responsibility of government to endure that all missing people are found and reunited with their families,” Hussain Abubakar wrote in response to the notice for the prayer session.

Musa BM, for his part, said “Dadiyata’s family must be going through a hard time as he has not been found for two years now. The thought of whether or not he is alive must be terrific to them. May the Almighty reunite him with his family and expose his captors.”

Dan Arziki said “Dadiyata is still missing after he criticised a particular governor; he wasn’t kidnapped because, at least, a ransom would have been asked but, instead, he was taken”

Muhammad Magaji said “His family misses him, we all miss him. It’s been two years without a friend, abducted in his home by some evil minds. May Allah rescue him, May Allah protect him wherever he is. Where is Dadiyata?”

Famous Anfield said “Like play like play, the abduction of Dadiyata is now two years. It’s heartbreaking! May God bring him back to his family alive and safe.”

Nasiru Fulatan said “When my servants ask you concerning Me, (tell them) I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calls on Me.” (Quran, 2:186). A family man, Abubakar Idris Dadiyata was abducted since 1st August, two years ago. Let us all meet and pray for him!”

Ibrahim said “People no longer ask for Dadiyata’s whereabouts and this tells you how scary his situation can be. We are still praying he returns to his family and friends in good condition sooner or later In sha Allah.”

Nafiu said “Two years after Abubakar Idris is still missing. A family in distress. A community bewildered. Everyone asking #WhereIsDadiyata? Who is behind his enforced disappearance? #FreeDadiyata”

Amnesty International had two weeks ago raised concerns on the whereabouts of Abubakar Idris, popularly known as Dadiyata, a social media critic of Nigerian authorities, who was abducted by gunmen in his home in Kaduna.

Dadiyata has been missing since August 2, 2019, when unidentified men took him from his residence. According to the account given by the police, Mr Idris was returning home at about 1 a.m. when some armed men breached his house’s security and took him away in his BMW car.

Till date, the 34-year-old, who is also a lecturer at the Federal University Dutsinma, Katsina State, has not been found.

Amnesty International in a post via its official Twitter account on Thursday raised concerns on the whereabouts of the social media critic.

”By 1 August, it will be two years since Dadiyata, a critic of Nigerian authorities on social media, was abducted by gunmen at home in Kaduna.

“For 713 days no information on his whereabouts or his fate. Where is Dadiyata,” the tweet said.

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