Flood: ‘How my house collapsed, killed 3 of my children’

A man has been thrown into mourning in Unguwar Garko, Hadejia Local Government Area of Jigawa State, after a part of his house collapsed and killed three of his children.

Mohammed Hassan, in an interview with the BBC said “On Sunday around 1am, during a heavy downpour accompanied by strong winds, part of my house collapsed on four of my children – three girls and a boy.

“Two of the girls and the boy died. One of the deceased girls was 10 and the other seven, while the boy was two and half years old,” the bereaved father said.

He said he has now relocated to another house along with his other family members, adding that their former house was close to a lake, which overflowed as a result of heavy downpour, leading to the disaster,.

He said he has not received any relief item from the government or individuals.

The funeral for the deceased children has since held, while their surviving sister is recuperating at home.

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