Femi Fani-Kayode conquered by the jihadists

Former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode is finally in the fold of the jihadists janjaweed forces as the Islamization/Fulinization crusade continues unabated.

He is not only a new captive by the troops of the oligarchy but a stronger repentant who is positioned to be more useful to the Buhari-led union than many may think. He is going full-time in defense of his new ideology and masters.

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While his betrayed fans suckle the pains of this gruesome wound just as his new political lineage settles with the reality of having an unusual but highly effective fellow, the APC has dealt a severe blow on the rank and files of not only the opposition but also to the very foundation of the nation’s enemy face.

For me, taking the Monsters away from the hands of the warmongers Alone is a tremendous triumph. This type of political acumen is what has kept the North on the elevated control mechanism in the polity.

The greatest political asset is the ability to negotiate with divergent views and create space for accommodation.

Again, it’s high time for those who see violence and intimidation as political tools to sit back and have deep reflections to come out of the woods and challenge the APC strategy of plotting to completely decimate them before 2023. This is necessary if not to wrestle power from them but at least to continue to survive as a political party.

The APC too has dividing lines that can be played with if only the opposition PDP can survive its self-afflicted ills and work on political strategies that reflect our common interest as a country byways of providing reassuring alternatives.

While the game prevails, I think the Buni led strategy should be slowed down to allow a breeding ground for the opposition as over domination of political opponents is not good Democratic practice.

The lessons learned by this long-awaited crossed over by Fani Kayode is that the act of politics/leadership is not on the volume of vituperation but the virtue of organization.

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