Disregard attempt to destroy Ganduje, Tinubu relationship -Kano govt

The Kano State Government has issued a statement cautioning the public against the mischievous and misleading attempts made by social media and online publications regarding a purported phone conversation between Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and Ibrahim Masari.

The conversation allegedly involved their political relationship with President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

In an official statement released on Saturday, the State Commissioner for Information and Internal Affairs, Muhammad Garba denounced it as the work of paid agents who seek to sow discord and disaffection between the two prominent political figures.

“It is clear that certain individuals who are not comfortable with the long-standing cordiality between Tinubu, Ganduje, and Masari are exploiting this situation to their advantage,” said Garba.

The commissioner further emphasised that both Ganduje and Tinubu have recognised the “mischievous attempt” and are committed to preserving their strong working relationship, especially during this critical time.

“We will not allow the diligent work and cooperation between Governor Ganduje and President-elect Tinubu to be destroyed by self-centered individuals,” he added.

The commissioner called upon members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the general public to disregard such attempts and maintain their loyalty and calmness in support of the party. He urged them to focus on ensuring the successful inauguration of the President-elect.

The Kano State Government said the “fabricated audio clip” will not affect the political collaboration between Ganduje, Tinubu, and Masari.

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