Defence minister distances self from ‘drug lord as C-in-C’ story, says it’s fake

The attention of the Minister of Defence Maj Gen Bashir Salihi Magashi, (rtd) has been drawn to an online fake story credited to him this way: “It is an insult to the Military to have a known drug Lord as C-in-C of the Armed Forces of Nigeria”

General Magashi described the above statement as unfortunate, unfounded and spurious.

He said the myopic, diabolic and despotic publication can be traced to the stable of the agents of anti- democratic forces who are masquerading as politicians.

The Minister said it is a condemnable act of the stock in trade of some disgruntled elements trying to drag his reputation and that of the nation’s “apolotical Military” into a politically motivated media hype aimed at disparaging the personality of the President- Elect, His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Again the story accordingly cannot pass the test of reasonability, reality, rationality and believability as it was dead on arrival.

After all it was not an happenchance that the Minister is vindicated by being the first member of the Federal Executive Council, FEC to congratulate the President-elect in a widely circulated and verifiable measure in the media.

General Magashi pointed out that it is an exercise in futility to concoct false news against a man of proven integrity like him to be derided at this crucial time when he is busy supervising the constitutional role of the Military in aid of civil authority to defend the nation’s democracy.

It is therefore a bad market for the paid hack-writer whose adventurism for money spinning fake news business is capable of undermining selfless service to the nation.

The Minister’s unblemished pedigree speaks volume as a highly respected loyal member of APC alongside being a credible elderstateman in the same party with the President-Elect.

He said no propaganda, blackmail or fake news targeted at him and the Military will detard the Armed Forces from dealing decisively with any person or group whose agenda is to distrupt the sacrosanct May 29th date for the handing over of power to the President-Elect .

E- signed-
Mohammad Abdulkadri
Special Assistant to the Minister of Defence

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