Coronavirus: Kano residents avoid Chinese nationals

Chinese nationals resident in Kano State Nigeria have expressed concern over how people are avoiding them since the outbreak of coronavirus which has killed over 3000 patients so far across the globe.

According to a report monitored on BBC Hausa, a shop was deserted by people in Kano soon after a Chinese man entered to make some transactions.

And when the Chinese man stepped out of the shop, the same thing happened, with many people running away from him, while others covered their noses.

This is the first time people in Nigeria are avoiding the Chinese since the outbreak of coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19.

But the Wakilin Yan Kasar China a Kano (representative of the Chinese living in Kano), Mike Zhang, has called on Nigerians to continue interacting with the Chinese people without any fear even though the virus started from China.

Zhang, who was turbaned last year by the Emir Kano of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II, said they have held several meetings with their people to sensitise them on what to do to protect themselves. He represents over 5,000 Chinese nationals and has been living in Nigeria for close to two decades.

The Kano State Government had on Sunday announced some emergency phone numbers to be called in case of any suspicion of coronavirus outbreak, even though no case has been recorded in the state.

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