BVAS fails to accredit 80-year-oldman, Dogara, others in Bauchi

The Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) machine has failed to accredit an 80-year-old man, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Yakubu Dogara,, and some voters in different polling units in some constituencies in Bauchi state.

The 80-year-old man was met by our reporter at Bakin Dutse polling unit in Yalwan Duguri, Alkaleri Local Government Area.”

He said the machine checked his fingers and his face but it didnt recognize him, but election experts said he should wait”.

Bauchi Governor Senator Bala Muhammad cast his vote. He said he is satisfied with the way the device works because within five minutes it has been verified.
In Bauchi club, the machine failed to accredit many people although the device was later repaired and started working.

In Bogoro Local Government Area, the machine failed to accredit the Speaker Yakubu Dogara and his wife.

Dogara said that when he arrived the machine did not identify him, he went to the office of the Electoral Commission in Bogoro Local Government to ask for an explanation. expressed his frustration on how the community left their homes and came out to vote but the machine refused to identify them,

“Apologizing to the public, but we see disappointment, we were told that the BVAS machine It was said that no matter where or where there is no network, it will work. Now we have come and it is said that it is not working, it was taken to Tafawa Balewa, a town that is 12 to 13 kilometers from where we are today to go to

“But the thing to be noticed here in the country of Kwarangah is that there are two strong networks of MTN and Glo. Our concern is why the BVAS of gwarangah should be taken to Tafawa Balewa to be repaired, even if the network is not strong but there is a network in Bogoro.

He said, apart from this, all polling booths with more than two thousand voters should be given four BVAS, “But they brought only two here even though our voters are almost two thousand. Out of the two they brought, 1 is not working. ”

He said they will continue to wait for what the INEC officials will do because they want to cast their votes.

He expressed his frustration on how the device continues to cause setbacks to the election.

Later, Dogara used the opportunity to ask the people to vote peacefully and asked the candidates to be prepared for the results of the election to be announced.

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