Between Compromise and Negligence

Sabo Ibrahim Hassan
Sabo Ibrahim Hassan

With the recurrent insecurity in northern Nigeria, one’s mind will definitely continue to swing between security compromise and security negligence. The daily change in our news headlines from Boko Haram to banditry to kidnapping to an attack by unknown gunmen is a strong indication that our insecurity is becoming pervasive.

While the major threat in the north used to be Boko Haram, the story is now adding more chapters, hardly can 24 hours lapse without a serious bloodshed. Amidst all these fatal attacks, the Nigerian chief of army staff was reported saying “As to whether banditry, terrorism and so on will end, I think it all depends. If Nigerians want it to end today, I can assure you it will end today”. Did the general give up? May be NO.

Nigerian military has been singing the song of its relentless effort in trying to terminate security issues in the north. Sadly, in a viral video, Nigerian soldiers have complained about poor quality of their fighting equipment in the North-East, an indisputable indication of negligence.

Where any operation requires certain standard, and the standard is failed to be met by its custodian, the operation is not only bound to fail, but all hands involved in the operation are deliberately jeopardized.


They have also bitterly complained that all efforts put to stop the Boko Haram insurgence seems to be in futility, due to alleged insiders’ conspiracy. An indication of serious compromise.

Perhaps the financial benefit derived from this conspiracy by some few individuals highly allergic to peace, is what re-incites other security challenges to be more prevalent. They do not want their most strong source of income to be blocked, hence, negligence is the call.

Possibly, they went beyond, by projecting the possibility of one way being blocked, thereby necessitating the creation of other security challenges that will guarantee the safety of their income.

Last month, On 6th June to be specific, Vanguard Newspaper reported that the Zamfara State Government has announced the immediate suspension of a first-class traditional ruler, the Emir of Maru, Alhaji Ibrahim Abubakar Ibrahim, over alleged involvement with the bandits in the state.

This conspiracy went far beyond the traditional rulers, upon submission of a report by a committee set up by the Zamfara state Government, it was regrettable that, some top military officers were indicted responsible for banditry in the state.

Additionally, Hamisu Bala’s case, popularly called Wadume from Taraba, who was arrested, rescued by his accomplice, and lastly re-arrested in Kano, is enough to unveil the high level of conspiracy existing between some security personnel and individuals.

Recently, 356 soldiers applied for voluntary disengagement, saying they have lost interest in the Army, the 356 soldiers are Master Warrant Officers, Warrant Officers, Staff Sergeants, Sergeants, Lance Corporals, Corporals and Privates who are always known to be at the war front-line. Undoubtedly, these junior soldiers have lost confidence in the ongoing fight against insecurity.

These, and many other instances are evident enough to portray how compromised our security system has become, and factual enough to unfold how detrimental our security negligence is.

By inference, the cruel mission involves individuals from different spheres, cutting across that of politics, religion, military and many more. Perhaps this is the reason recent attacks are not selective.

On the other hand, the government remains rhetoric, especially regarding highly placed figures indicted in insecurity, this could have helped in escalating the cruelty. The worst government is that, which pretends to work for the masses. Countless number of propositions have been made by concerned citizens that the current service chiefs should be resigned with an immediate effect, yet the call remains like trying to convince a mouse that cat is her best friend. Many minds perceive this a negligence.

To the culprits, the best strategy to apply in ensuring their benefits keep flowing, is to wear the shoe of compromise on the left leg and that of negligence on the right. With this pair of shoes, they can trek to any desirable destination, and as such, the journey is limitless.

It is sorrowful to mention that, between compromise and negligence, lies a pool of blood into which many individuals enjoy swimming; and between compromise and negligence lies the problem of our insecurity.

Sabo Ibrahim Hassan
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Twitter: @SaboIbrahim99

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