Bauchi governor signs 12 bills into law

Bauchi State Governor Senator Bala Mohammed has signed into law 12 bills passed by the state House of Assembly.

While signing the bills on Friday, Governor Bala Mohammed reiterated his administration’s commitment to moving Bauchi State forward for the benefit of citizens, especially the upcoming generations.

The 12 bills I assented by are;

(1) Law on the establishment of the Bauchi State Vigilante And Youth Empowerment, 2022.

2) Provision for the establishment of Bauchi State and Local Government Contributory Pension, 2022.

3) Law to repeal the Bauchi State Urban Planning and Development Act 2012 and enact the Bauchi State Physical Planning and Development Control Board.

4) Law to repeal the Bauchi State College of Agriculture Law 2013 to establish Division of Agricultural Colleges in Bauchi State 2022.

5) Provision for the establishment of Bauchi State Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Agency, 2022.

6) Law to repeal the Bauchi State Separation of Account (Judiciary) Law, 2019.

7) A Law to Provide for Bauchi State Tourism Development Corporation.

8) A Law to amend Local Government Law 1976 (as amended).

9) A Law to repeal Bauchi State University Establishment Law, 2010 and enact a law to establish Sa’adu Zungur University, 2022.

10) A Law establish the Bauchi State Security Trust Fund ,2022.

11) A Law to establish Bauchi State Environmental Trust Fund ,2022.

12) A Law to establish the Bauchi State Roads and Traffic Agency Law, 2022.

He commended the leadership of the BAHA, and assured the lawmakers of his administration’s collaboration to ensure good governance, exemplary leadership and dividends of democracy are delivered to the citizens.

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