Asiya, The Ice Lady gets a brand new tricycle

Exactly seven days ago I published and shared the story of my meeting with a superwoman, Asiya The Ice Lady.

What followed is something out of this world;

BBC Hausa Service sent a crew to Kaduna for an exclusive video interview with Asiya. This will be shared on their website.

A leading online newspaper published the story…

Leading entrepreneurs, judges, social media influencers all got in touch…

I got uncountable phone calls and texts with countless requests for her contacts etc…

Within 48hrs, five people quietly raised a substantial amount to answer Asiya’s prayer for a brand new tricycle, and much more…

I will eternally be grateful to all of you for the show of love and sincere prayers…

I’m truly blessed by God to be part of Asiya’s story.

A few hours ago, I led a small team to visit Asiya’s family, to extend all the good wishes of Nigerians, and also let them know how Asiya’s story is inspiring a lot of people around the world…
(They didn’t know we came with more surprises).

We met Asiya’s mum, dad, grandmother, and sisters.

I will never forget what happened when I announced the gifts;
(We did it like the Extreme Makeover Reality Show on TV)

Asiya collapsed on the ground in tears…

The mother started running, crying out to the grandmother, ‘Mama, Mama…’

The sight of three generations of strong and proud women in tears did something to me unexplained…

What topped it all for me was when the mother kept saying, repeatedly in Hausa…
“Halin ta ne ya bi ta”
(pls get a Hausa person to translate for you.)

For the records, Asiya got the following;

  • A brand new Vespa Model Wagon Tricycle
  • Brand New Extra large coolers
  • A brand new android smartphone and Simcard( a dedicated business line).
  • A brand new Airpod
    -A complete vehicle registration license plate and all required documents.
    -An qualified printing firm to brand the new Tricycle with a logo and business name.
  • The printing firm volunteered to print 5000 handbills with the business name and number, to promote Asiya’s hustle.
    -And some cash for fueling…

I had a good talk with her parents on why Asiya should continue her education (not that she should stop her business) and explained that our priority now is to link her up with female mentors who can guide her through life.

We can draw a lot of lessons in Asiya’s story.

And I am sure there a lot of Asiya’s everywhere that will appreciate a little encouragement. Look out for them and give them support silently.

I decided to share the above ONLY to inspire others to work hard, to help others quietly, and to let you all know that when you hustle and leave the rest to God…Miracles Do Happen.

So, Hustle. Pray. Hustle More. -HGF

Ahmadu is a tech entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Founder

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