APC cannot get away with Imo, PDP says

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is gloating on Nigerians and celebrating the accursed judgment of the Supreme Court on Imo governorship election because it is anti-people and its leaders will never understand the value of democracy.

The PDP said in celebrating the judgment of the apex court, “which is manifestly loathsome to the generality of Nigerians”, the APC has confirmed that the party is behind the judicial manipulation, and has no iota of regard for the sensibility and mood of Nigerians against the injustice perpetuated.

“Nigerians are however not surprised that APC is championing the destruction of our democratic values and the unity of our nation as its leaders never played any decisive role but were in hypocritical posturing while the leaders of the PDP fought to entrench democracy and freedom in our country.

“At the time PDP leaders, as patriots and statesmen, were confronting the tyranny of the military regime, many of the APC leaders abandoned our nation for exotic exiles. Those who did not go on exotic exile were in league with tyrants in oppressing Nigerians and debasing our institutions of democracy for their selfish purposes.

“APC leaders are therefore not happy that democracy has gained roots in our country and as such are employing all manner of schemes and machination to destroy our democratic institutions while gloating on Nigerians whenever injustice is meted out on the people.

“The PDP, however, insists that the APC will not get away with its robbery of the governorship of Imo state as the PDP and the people of Imo will not relent in taking all steps necessary to ensure that the injustice perpetuated by the Supreme Court, under Justice Tanko Mohammed, is reviewed.”

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