Adamawa gov promotes headmaster who stopped APC congress from holding at school

Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has promoted the Headmaster of Mubi 2 primary school, Mubi for preventing politicians from using the school premises for party congress.

The headmaster Ahmed Umar Faruk is the head teacher of Mubi 2 primary School, a venue chosen by a faction of the opposition All Progressives Congress in Adamawa for its party congress slated for Tuesday.

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Fintiri commended the headmaster for rejecting all advances made by politicians to send pupils from school for political reasons; the Governor was quoted to have said it is rare to have a Headmaster accomplish such a task without flops.

Sources familiar with the educational ranking system in Adamawa said it takes courage and rare confidence for a headmaster like Faruk to stand and resist pressure from politicians to chase the pupils away for a political gathering.

Solomon Kumangar, the special aide to the governor, quoted his principal to have said the action of the Headmaster of Mubi 2 primary school was “in line with one of the pillars of his command philosophy of professionalism.

“The governor has granted automatic promotion to headmaster Faruk Ahmed.

“This promotion came as a result of the professional educational skills displayed by the teacher at Mubi primary school, Mubi”, Kumangar said.

“The promotion is a reward for outstanding performance as a non-compromising headmaster to spur others to always display a high sense of professionalism in whatever task they are assigned to perform,” the Governor said.

“This will not only improve the system, but also guarantee success in all educational operations.”

Fintiri, according to Kumangar, “was excited on hearing the professional conduct of the headmaster in the face of provocation from politicians in Mubi, and said he was impressed with the action of the headmaster and has ordered that education authority to promote Headmaster Faruk with immediate effect.”

The governor’s spokesperson said one of the Fintiri’s cardinal focus is to “prioritise education not politicising it under his watch.

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