Abidu Yazid replaces Gambari as Savannah Centre chair

Prof. Ibrahim A. Gambari, Chief of Staff to the President, has just conveyed in writing, his immediate withdrawal as Chairman of the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development (SCDDD).

The decision to withdraw is based on his conviction that it is the best thing to do to avoid conflicts of interest.

I have conveyed this development to the attention of the Board Members who after their deliberation, unanimously, appoint Mallam Abidu Yazid as the new Chairman for SCDDD.

I would like to once again congratulate Prof. Gambari for his vision in establishing this Think-Tank that has made tremendous contributions to the sustenance of Democracy and Development through constructive advocacies since 2014.

The Centre had, also since establishment, been involved in conducting series of dialogues aimed at promoting National Unity, the leadership question, national security, and diversification of Nigeria’s economy to enhance the possibility of addressing the needs of the vulnerable in our society (Women and Youth).

On behalf of the Senior Management and Staff of the Centre, I warmly congratulate Mallam Adibu Yazid, a Development Economist and Administrator as the new Chairman.

Mallam Yazid has held several positions in government, including rising to become the Secretary to the Government and Head of Service to the old Kaduna State.

Since retirement from public service, Mallam Yazid continues to run his private business. I pledge the support of the Management and Staff of the
Centre to him, as we look forward to working closely with the new Chairman.

Ambassador Abdullahi Omaki
Executive Director,
Savannah Centre

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